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I have worked as a sculptor continuously since 1987, when I completed my studies in Fine Art (Sculpture) at CCAD. In the development of my sculptural career I have explored many styles, materials and methodologies, and I have worked with and studied associated arts practices. Throughout these explorations I have found that working creatively with tactile materials is the area to which I am passionately connected.


Having successfully completed my first Public Art commission in 1992, I was able to make the production of commissions the main focus of my sculptural output. To date I have completed fourteen large scale Public Artworks, each having it’s own individual characteristics.


Alongside my work on commissions, I have continuously developed my studio practice. This involves sculptural works of a smaller scale and more immediate nature, which can be developed with more spontaneity and with less practical restrictions than large commissioned works. The smaller works are generally for exhibition in galleries or for private commissions. The sculptural discoveries from my studio practice also provide creative influences for the production of the larger works.


In 2011 I was awarded an MA in Visual Art Practices following a two year course. During this course I became more familiarized with contemporary art production, and of how this can inform the progression of my practice. At present I am emphasising my studio work development, and focusing on works for exhibitions. I like to see my practice as continually evolving, and I approach every new sculpture as an expedition in search of new discoveries.